Providence Anesthesia Associates services The Hospitals of Providence Memorial, Sierra and East Campuses; providing state of the art care in surgical and obstetric anesthesia using an Anesthesia Care Team approach. The care team consists of a Physician Anesthesiologist and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) who works together to provide quality medical care during surgery as well as safe and effective relief from pain during your postoperative hospital stay.

Our Service and Billing Process

The anesthesiologists and anesthetists providing your care are private practitioners just like your surgeon or obstetrician; therefore, you will receive a separate bill for these services.  Providence Anesthesiology Associates professional fee includes a preoperative evaluation, administration of your anesthetic and supervision of your PACU stay.

There are several factors that influence the amount of your anesthesia bill (type and length of surgery, and your physical condition); due to these factors only an estimate of the final bill can be determined by our billing office prior to surgery. The type of anesthesia administered during your surgery will not affect your anesthesia bill. The “anesthesia” charge on your hospital bill is for hospital furnished supplies and equipment, and does not include the charge for our professional services which are billed separately.

When a care team approach is employed some insurance companies require that we report the CRNA services by billing two identical claims. One claim for the Physician Anesthesiologist and one for the CRNA, while this may appear as a duplicate claim it is not. The insurance company will process both claims; the total contracted rate for the two claims is similar to what would be paid for a single Physician Anesthesiologist if no CRNA was involved.

Prior to your surgery or procedure please contact our office at (915) 577-1598 or visit us at 125. W. Hague, Ste. 550, so that we may verify your insurance coverage and provide you with an estimated cost for your surgery or procedure.

For the vast majority of patients, we are able to file claims directly to the insurance company, or other third party payer. You should know that because of deductibles and co-payment amounts, your insurer often will not pay the entire anesthesia professional fee. Deductibles, co-payment amounts and non-covered expenses are the patient’s responsibility. At your request, we will provide reasonable assistance in challenging your insurer for additional amounts owed by them. However, the agreement you have with your insurance company is your responsibility to understand. The final obligation for the services rendered to you by the physician and/or CRNA is yours and not the insurance companies. If your insurance carrier should determine you were ineligible for coverage or your policy is termed by your carrier you will be responsible for the full charge amount of the service rendered.

We Are Here For You

If you have questions about your anesthesia care, your bill or would like to provide feedback, our customer service team and billing experts are here for you.