Owning a Pet May Be Good for Your Heart

Being smart about your heart can keep you healthy. Here are seven facts to amaze yourself and share with those you care about:

  1. Broken heart syndrome is a real condition with similar symptoms to a heart attack, but rarely fatal.
  2. Laughter is good for your heart. It reduces stress and boosts your immune system.
  3. Having sex can help lower your blood pressure and risk of heart disease.
  4. It’s possible that bacteria in your mouth can have an effect on your heart, so don’t neglect brushing your teeth.
  5. Ten minutes of exercise, three times a day, counts as your 30 minutes of recommended exercise.
  6. One to three cups of coffee or black tea per day may help lower heart disease risk, according to the American Heart Association.
  7. Owning a pet may lower your chances of dying from heart disease, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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